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About Our Cabinets
Highland Cabinetry has developed an easy to assemble form of custom cabinetry. You will be hard impressed to find another company that offers this level of design and style wrapped up in such an easy to construct formation and at such an amazing cost.  Produced in our factory in China, we have been able to train and educate our teams; installing them with the same pride and dedication to quality that we have possessed for over a decade in our own American showrooms.

How do our cabinets work? Our cabinets are designed to combine luxurious wood surfaces with more abundant sturdy plywood foundation to support it.  This design is the key to keeping purchase costs low while still producing a strong and long lasting product.  Because of this design, it is easy to pack and ship to any location, as well as easy for your customers to purchase, load and deliver to their job site.

We offer a wide array of wood species:
Maple, Oak, Birch, Beech, Alder, Cherry, Walnut.

Along with our wood type varieties, we also offer a huge assortment of colors so that you can serve your customer’s needs even better.  We want to offer your customers the same level of quality we offer our own customers and provide the fine touches and nuances that can only come from a company with a keen eye for detail.  Being able to offer your customers a Highland Cabinetry product will increase your revenue and make your customers happy.

Because Highland cabinetry is dedicated to quality, we also ensure that our packing and delivery methods are top notch to insure perfection every time.  Each kit is carefully packed and includes all the necessary parts and instructions for assembly.  This makes the entire process easy and simple.   We have designed several types, styles and sizes to choose from.  We know that not all kitchens and bathrooms are created equal.  That is why we offer various sizes to fit this need.   Don’t see what you need? Contact our offices and let us know if your customers need a specialty size or dimension and we can custom build it for you!

When customers hear “Pre-fab” they think low quality and weak construction. You’ll never have to worry about that with Highland Cabinetry’s designs.  We have ensured that the framework for the core of the cabinet box pass all safety and secure construction requirements.  This is why we feel so confident in our product.  We know it can withstand the test of time and use.   The face of the cabinet and drawers are constructed of rich, luxurious wood while the housing or box is made of high grade and fully tested plywood.  We have designed these cabinets with the consumer in mind.  By making assembly easy and quick, we enable your customers to get their construction projects completed efficiently and on time.


Highland Cabinetry is a win/win product for anyone who purchases it.  We offer warranties, guarantees and above all else, we put our heart and soul into each and every fiber of our product.  We want you to be our customers so we can help your customers.